Texas Museum of Theatre and Broadcast

About the Museum

IMG_9391The Texas Museum of Theatre and Broadcast is an educational and community service, non-profit institution. Its purpose is to document and preserve the past, record and educate in the present and provide perspective and inspiration for the future through the collection and exhibition of objects of scientific, historic and artistic value to the theatre and broadcast industries and the free enterprise system.

The Texas Museum of Theatre and Broadcast, Inc. will promote and support the educational and building programs of The Museum and its facilities by securing funding, members, collections and general good will.
The purposes and objectives laid out above will be accomplished in a variety of ways. The Museum is located in downtown McGregor, Texas at the corner of South Main Street and 3rd Street. The Museum is housed in the former and historic Lee Hardware then Keith’s Ace Hardware building which is owned by the Museum. Ownership of the building came by the generosity of the Keith family when the then vacant facility was donated to the Museum in 2014. The 14,000 square foot facility serves to house various collections of items and memorabilia collected as well as serving as the primary business office for the Museum and its ancillary and associated projects and properties.

IMG_9360Currently housed at the Museum are collections of motion picture theatre equipment, antique musical instruments including two Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organs. There are vintage television cameras and examples of radio station systems and equipment. There is also a large collection of recordings dating back to the earliest days of the 20th century. The museum gladly accepts donations of collections or items that can enhance the museum experience. The museum management does not restrict donations of historic items or collections to the strict letter of the museum’s mission.